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Doctorat d'Universitè · Doctorate of University
Human Rights in the Mediterranean
Les droits de l'homme en Méditerranée


Ne ratez pas: Vincennes, l'universite perdue
?.  |  In the photo, Gilles Deleuze, 1975

This Inter-University Platform is aware of the urgent need for alternative training models. Especially when the violation of human rights is a tragic event on both shores of the Mediterranean. The will of excellence is a standard that the Universities, rightly, propose. But that will must not always be conditioned to regulated formation of access to certain specialties. The urgency, in this case, is not only moral imperative. Human Rights describe situations of imbalance of guarantees, which includes death by asking for even fundamental rights.

These reasons support our offer. We open the doors to an investigation that will be, academically, politically and culturally, 'of excellence'. How excellent is the struggle for the dignity of people. And the defense of these rights before the appropriate instances.

Certainly, for reasons strictly of puntual academic-administrative bureaucracy, this specialized training should not be denied in all cases. Especially those who, because of geopolitical, cultural or simply professional situation, being sensitive to the tragedy and the painful amprological change it generates, feel the need for service.

Registation Process: In order to be admitted to a 'Doctorat d'Université', it will be necessary: ​​a) to design a research project, with full freedom of format, recommending brevity and, if possible, a maximum of five pages; b) justify timeliness and possible effectiveness (added value) of the proposed project; c) an interuniversity commission will inform each of the projects and will make its evaluation available on these pages, ../phd_human_rights_candidates within a maximum period of three months; d) from the publication of the reference resolution, the candidat has a maximum of six months to write and present his thesis; e) languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.


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General Secretary
Roma, April 2017

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