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Les Droits de l'Homme en Méditerranée

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Ali dagli Occhi Azzurri / uno dei tanti figli di figli, / scenderà da Algeri, / su  navi a vela e a remi. / Saranno con lui migliaia di uomini / coi corpicini e gli occhi / di poveri cani dei padri / [..] Sbarcheranno a Crotone o a Palmi, / a milioni, vestiti di stracci asiatici, / e di camicie americane. / [..]  Se egli non sorride / è perchè la speranza per lui / non fu luce ma razionalità. (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Profezia, 1962-1964)



The impact, although predicted, is not surprising to analysts and critics of South-North migration flows. The shape and magnitude of the flow is generating serious turbulence in the equilibrium models on both sides of the Mediterranean, creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.
This imbalance does not contribute to a better sustainable development, despite the willingness of the 'forces and engines of change', youth, more formable and receptive to alternative strategies for managing events.
It is a generally accepted fact that conventional education and training protocols do not evolve at the pace of events. From this platform, an ethic of responsibility forces us to look for alternative ways, tracing solutions that were effective in times of social crisis not so distant.
Management is not just State management. It is, as a matter of priority, professionals with demonstrated sensitivity towards the complexity and seriousness of the problem.
With the urgency and priority imposed on us, we offer new theoretical and practical tools, opening the possibility of presenting specific research works, which could be defended as Doctoral Thesis, although under the modality of the French model of the 70. 'Doctorat d' Université '. We would give priority to less 'academicist' curricula, but more in line with the specific training that is intended to be achieved.

Registration Process: In order to be admitted to a 'Doctorat d'Université', it will be necessary: ​​a) to design a research project, with full freedom of format, recommending brevity and, if possible, a maximum of five pages; b) justify timeliness and possible effectiveness (added value) of the proposed project; c) an interuniversity commission will inform each of the projects and will make its evaluation available on these pages, phd_human_rights_candidates, within a maximum period of three months; d) from the publication of the reference resolution, the candidat has a maximum of 18 months to write and present his thesis; e) languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.

Legal supportStatutes & Regulations § 1.2.2.- «With the seal of EMUI_ EuroMed University or, where appropriate, together with other universities represented in the AC (Academic Council), it can propose Postgraduate Own Degree (Expert, Specialist, Master and Doctorate)».

INFO / submissions of candidacy proposal: researchsecretariat@emui.eu ·  cc/ cabinet@emui.eu

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