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Department of History and Civilization (DHC)

  • Coordination
  • Research Projects

  • Attached to the Department of History and Civilization are considered:
    The Professors and researchers of the corresponding
    Departments of the Consortium Universities
    that undertake teaching and research responsability in any of the EMUI programmes.

  • Department Goals and Objectives:

  • Members
  • MA/LLP Projects

  • Education and Research Topics:

  • Proposal A
    A02.02 Theory of European and Mediterranean Culture
    A02.03 Political Citizenship and Cultural Identity
    A02.04 Multiculturalism, Hybridization and Cultural Mixing
    A02.06 Applied Ethics
    A02.07 Migratory Movements
  • A02.08-Diasporas-and-Social-Change-in-the-EuroMediterraneanArea

  • Proposal B
    B02.01 Mediterranean History. Political and Cultural
    B02.02 Ethnic-Antroplogical and Sociolinguistic Maps
    B02.03 The Europe of Cyberculture
    B02.04 Critical Postmodernity and Cosmopolitan Thought
    B02.05 Knowledge Managment
    B02.06 Argumentation and Rationality
    B02.07 Mass Media in the Society of Information
    B02.08 Euro-Mediterranean Digital Citizenship
    B02.09 Ethics, Technology and Cybersociety

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