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EMUI_ Foundational GoalsDE EN ES FR IT

1.- To develop teaching and research quality programs focused on the European Union and its projection upon the Mediterranean Area.

2.- To form professionals in every area of punctual interest for European and Euro-Mediterranean institutions. These professionals will meet the standards of quality set by social, political and economic sectors involved.

3.- To offer programs of continuous education for updating knowledge and basic skills of the above referred professionals.

4.- To foster the spreading of results through specialized media. There will be also a presence in general media, according to the interests of their users.

5.- To draw up proposals of continuous education through courses, seminars or conferences that will be available to any citizen, with the purpose of guaranteeing accurate and critical information on the ongoing development of the EU, particularly in relation to Mediterranean issues.

6.- To advise public and private institutions on the aforementioned issues. Consultant panels will be set up to pursue this goal.

7.- To set up institutional teaching and research networks, with or without extra-communitarian partners, in order to improve the spreading of results. It will be also be a target to establish partnerships with other institutions in order to create local, regional or communitarian programs to be developed at the affected geopolitical areas.

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