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Human Rights in the Meditrranean · Les Droits de l'Homme en Méditerranée
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    • The impact, although predicted, is not surprising to analysts and critics of South-North migration flows. The shape and magnitude of the flow is generating serious turbulence in the equilibrium models on both sides of the Mediterranean, creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.This imbalance does not contribute to a better sustainable development, despite the willingness of the 'forces and engines of change', youth, more formable and receptive to alternative strategies for managing events. It is a generally accepted fact that conventional education and training protocols do not evolve at the pace of events. From this platform, an ethic of responsibility forces us to look for alternative ways, tracing solutions that were effective in times of social crisis not so distant. Management is not just State management. It is, as a matter of priority, professionals with demonstrated sensitivity towards the complexity and seriousness of the problem.

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