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Human Rights in the Meditrranean · Les Droits de l'Homme en Méditerranée
International Master & PhD d'Université | e-Learning Options: 100% / 60% / 30%

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    • The fees cover the minimum maintenance cost of the Master. According to the average of public prices in the EU, the enrollment fees in this Master amount to 1,532.00 € (60 ECTS plus TFM, plus Diploma)*. This amount can be divided into three payments: a) on the date of registration; b) once 30 ECTs have been completed; c) before formalizing the registration in the TIM..

    • The Social Council will design a scholarship policy, which includes enrollment amounts and, where appropriate, mobility.

    • In order to be admitted, candidates must fill in the Application Form and send a CV enclosing a motivation letter and proof of income of 5% of tuition fees (76,00 €) to academicsecretariat@emui.eu, cc/ cabinet@emui.eu

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