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Human Rights in the Meditrranean · Les Droits de l'Homme en Méditerranée
International Master & PhD d'Université | e-Learning Options: 100% / 60% / 30%

    • Exceptionality · Curriculum Design · Virtual Campus

    • Given the nature of this Master, we have simplified access formalities to the maximum. We are interested in the willingness of the candidates to cooperate. And we are especially interested in your commitment to a Mediterranean that is a platform for dialogue, respect, dignity and equality. For these reasons, the registration is permanently open. Each candidate designs his own study calendar according to his possibilities, distributing the 60 ECTS for a maximum of two years.

    • To facilitate access according to the possibilities of the candidates, the teaching options are also diverse: a) 100% virtual; b) 60% virtual and 40% face-to-face; c) 30% virtual and 70% face-to-face; d) 100% face-to-face. The ECTS can be attended at any of the universities participating in the project. The research Work End of Master (TFM), can be defended using both options: a) at the Institution of origin or of your choice; b) before a commission through the network through which it is opted.

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