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  • [OBEMUI 2017.2.1 | Presidential Decree (Approved by the Direction Council (Executive Commission), September 8, 2017

    «In use of the powers conferred on him by Article 2.1 of the Statutes, the President decrees the creation of the following advisory body: Legal Cabinet | Bureau Juridique (LG), with the following functions:

    • »a)The LG is an autonomous advisory body, available to the Governing and Management bodies of this Platform, with no legal personality different from that of EMUI_ EuroMed University.
    • »b) The General Secretary is the responsible for the LG Service.
    • »c) Not binding, LG will collect prior information to the Legal Services of public and private institutions, political or academic-research, affected, with which there are administrative links.
    • »(d) The Secretary-General is empowered to seek external reports if he deems it necessary.


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